Director of Photography, Documentary Director/Cinematographer and Film School Educator Erick Yates Green began his career as an archaeological architect working in Israel and Jordan for the 5 years following his studies in architectural design at The School of Design of North Carolina State University.  Inspired while in the Middle East by the work of esteemed Life Magazine photoessayist W. Eugene Smith, Erick also developed photographic portraits of children in Jerusalem and an essay about village life in the Northern Galilee.  He then returned to produce photography projects in his native North Carolina, before enrolling in graduate studies at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles where he obtained an MFA in Film/TV Production. 

Early professional work in film/television industry included crewing in lighting and camera departments on television productions and on large and small feature films in the Los Angeles area, where he had the honor of assisting, among others, the visionary artist and cinematographer, Conrad L. Hall, ASC. 

Since becoming a cinematographer himself, he has shot many short films, documentaries and feature films including Love Philosophy, Prospect, Straight Out of Compton, and the Indian Bollywood film entitled Banana Brothers. Most recently, Erick shot two dramatic films, As Maltratadas and The Abused in Lisbon, Portugal based upon the true story of the kidnapping of immigrant women who are lured to Europe by the deceptive promise of a better life. 

He has also recently directed, produced and served as cinematographer for a series of documentaries in NC including: The Mayor Who Stood Up [about a Washington, DC civil rights activist who became a powerful mayor in a small rural NC town], The New Country Doctor [about a rural NC family physician struggling to keep his practice alive], The Golden K Club [a profile of a group of senior citizen volunteers in a Greenville, NC service club] as well as Mrs. Buck in Her Prime [about an impressible 104 y.o. church organist in Washington, NC] and The Hope of Education [profiling a commited principal who leads a group of challenged high school students who are doing their best to make it to graduation day]. 

Mr. Green’s work has been screened at a wide variety of film festivals and museum screenings including:  The New Orleans Film Festival, The Chicago International Music and Movie Festival, The National Gallery of Art, The Full Frame Film Festival, The Black Maria Film Festival, The Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival, San Paulo International Film Festival, The Southern Appalachian International Film Festival, The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival and at screenings at The University Film and Video Association and Broadcast Educators of America conferences.