Fortunate Son
A haunting drama about an American Vietnam War veteran who believes that his young son's friend is linked to a child who was killed during his tour of duty as a soldier.

As Maltratadas
A drama based upon the modern true story of foreign women who are lured to Europe by criminals with promise of a better life. Upon arrival, they are often trafficked and forced into the commercial sex trade.

Banana Brothers
A Bollywood-style romantic comedy in which two recent Indian immigrants in California set out to realize their competing wild plans for American riches, only to discover that they first must learn to trust each other.

Passing Through
A quirky drama about an American woman who is repeatedly harassed by a group of men on her way to work until she transforms herself into a femme fatale in order to endure.

A dark tale of the conflicts of love told through the journey of a cheating alcoholic husband's attempts to ultimately honor the last wishes of the fading life of his cancer-stricken wife.

Quartet Prison
Revealed through a collage of four interwoven personalities, this dramatic film explores the abnormal psychological traits that drive a character to isolation and violence.

First Date [Coke Commercial]
A young man's romantic strategy gets sidetracked when a third party 'mentor' intrudes upon his flirtatious ambitions.